creating worlds sustainably. together.

From the ‘blue sky phase’ till opening night, I create all kinds of mise-en-scène: stage productions, movies, theme parks, exhibitions, events, and all cross-media formats or immersive experiences in between.

Scale models are an important medium to communicate with clients and team members since nothing conveys the full spatial-dramaturgic concept more precisely. With every scale model I build, I try to reduce its ecological footprint by using sustainable materials and short shipping ways.

I provide concept design and storytelling not only as an architectural-spatial, but also as a purely narrative-dramaturgic service.

You got a sparkling idea for a show or an event, but don’t know how to bring it to life? With over 10 years of professional experience in staging ideas, I provide consulting services in terms of concept development, dramaturgy, and artistic direction.

To be able to create artificial worlds, we need one thing first: a healthy, thriving world that we are living in in real life. The Earth is changing faster than ever before. In order to slow down that unnatural change, we as a global society and as the main cause for the degradation of this planet need to act. Now. Fast. And together.

This movement has to include the arts industry as well, thus, I created the label ECOSCENIC in 2019.

Clients, old and new, who are interested in collaborating with me, declare their commitment to these sustainable guidelines.