ecoscenicecoscenic is a statement. As a professional set designer, I try my best to reduce the ecological footprint of my work within this often energy-consuming and waste-producing industry of live entertainment. As fabulous as it is to create a scenic world: the process still makes me think of the environmental impact of my set, each time. During the construction process, and after the last show.

Our time is marked by climate change and its direct and indirect impacts on the planet, by shrinking natural resources and the destruction of natural habitats and environmental wonders due to deforestation and irresponsible waste disposal.

By implementing my label ecoscenic into my work, I announce a professional motto that reflects both my personal attitude and my belief in the fact that there is such a thing as sustainable set design and sustainable stage productions.

Since fire-resistance is always a must-have in my business, I am happy to have found a company that produces a fire-resistant and strong material based on eco-friendly fungal mycelium that is 100% compostable, even when painted with water-based colours. The production process turns biological agricultural waste into durable construction material. Since it can be molded into almost every shape, it can replace set pieces that, otherwise, would have been produced on the basis of plastics or other chemicals.

ecoscenic reminds my clients and myself of the responsibility that each of us should have towards our planet. Each individual and each collective, such as a show production team, can contribute to this. An ecoscenic design does not end with the set. It also includes the responsible use of resources for lighting, of costume production and props fabrication. It even encloses the daily rehearsal process.

My profession is about creating worlds. Let's work together on creating a better one.