Draft for the indoor themed area ANAKOPA including mirror maze, VR-Elements & flying dark ride


Storytelling, set design & character design


Fictitious, mentored by Merlin Entertainments (London)



In ANAKOPA you discover a world that is far from anything you have seen in an indoor theme park before. Anaks live in this world that is based on fortune and their will to conserve moments and time. The task that you are asked to fulfill leads you from a mirror maze of horrors and a boat trip to a high-tech augmented reality experience of a specific kind… Meeting the inhabitants of ANAKOPA in person makes the visit a memorable interactive, immersive experience amidst a breathtaking fantasy architecture. Apart from the fact that this not idyllic Disneyland. Your personal heroe’s journey ends with a dark ride on one of the most ambitious and most immersive flying roller coasters in the country. Will you succeed in fleeing the darkest soul of ANAKOPA that you woke up before…?

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